Max’s Teen Hot Records Award

Each year we award a grant to a teen for a summer program in the arts. The student is usually recommended by the school or the arts program in various art disciplines. The grant is awarded to a student who needs the funding to attend.

Recipients of Max’s Teen Hot Record’s Award as part of of our teen empowerment through the arts program FEARLESS YOUth.

Zoe Powell, fashion
Laszlo Beke
, music
Katie Sevilla
, photography
Tafari Saunders
, art
Dale Towns Blunt
, dance
Mac Williams
, music
Ciara Teague, mixed art
Bayla Laks, art/photography
Elijah Wapner, stand-up comedy
Myles Mancuso, blues singer/guitar player
Dante Kanter, writer
Zack Marshall, dancer/singer
Liam Flynn, guitar
Sarah Kaplan, art
Ada Graham-Lowengard, Voice Theater
Daniel Morhous, Voice Theater
Martreya Motel, Voice Theater
Jarrius Bethea, Impact Repertory Theater
Quinn Ford, Paul Green Rock Academy
Alicia LeDuc, acting
Daneel Arias, acting
Erin Dougherty, art
Emily Andrews, art
Dylan Keessen, art and music
Nathalie Bennett, dance

All the recipients live in the Hudson Valley with the exception of Liam Flynn and Jarrius Bethea.

Artwork for one of our teen grant Recipients Erin Doherty

Hello Yvonne! I’ve started my second week at NYSSSA visual arts, and I decided that now would be a good time to give you an update of my experience so far. My morning class is printmaking. Even though I have done print making before, it’s nice to be taught by someone who had never met me before and is more than an intern at the Women’s Studio Workshop. It’s a really great class and the teacher and the people in my class are super cool. My afternoon class is sculpture, which is nice because I don’t do any sculpture so I’m eager to learn how to do 3d work and make it into art. That teacher is also super cool. What I like most so far though is that we have faculty lectures on Tuesdays and art history lectures on Wednesday. Today we took a trip to the Albright-Knox Art Museum which was incredible since I had never been there before. I am a bit homesick, but it’s okay because this really is an incredible experience for me, both socially and artistically. Thank you so much for the scholarship so I could come here! Here are some photos I took of what I’ve done in print making so far.