Covid-19 Response

In loving memory of Andrew Kowalczyk (April 1, 1957-April 6, 2020)

We are deeply saddened at the loss of our
treasured Director of Financial Development
to this horrific disease the coronavirus. Another
of our board members and long time friend shared
a tribute.


Some people are like the Sun…everything is better when they’re around.  I say this about so few people, but for Andrew Kowalczyk, it couldn’t ring more true.  Andy was pure light, a beautiful soul, the kindest and best of men. He dearly loved his family and most of all, his beautiful soul mate, Liz.  Authentic. Spiritual. Philanthropic, Mindful, Genuine, Creative and Fun.  He loved music and being a Jersey-boy, especially Bruce Springsteen.  He was truly an artist at heart.  I received this message from Andy on New Years Eve.“Sometimes we need to head into the storm to appreciate the light and have a renewed passion for the beauty of life.” Rest in Peace our dear friend. Norena Barbella


Max’s 50th Anniversary tribute event
Norena Barbella, Andrew Kowalczyk, Yvonne Sewall



*At this time, we can no longer accept applications for consideration. 


One of our sponsors:


Just a few of the requests from freelancers  March 2020


Hello, I’m a full time artist living in NYC. I’ve been creating, showing and selling work for almost 20 years. I’ve also been instructing for longer than that. I’d love to procure information regarding your emergency assistance grant allocation. I am extremely nervous about how I will survive this current health crisis. It has been extremely difficult already being HIV positive and not having medical clearance to work due to lymphedema and other medical issues. My art is keeping me afloat and honestly keeps me going. It’s one of the few things I have to truly be proud of these days. My sells have come to a stop and potential clients have voiced concerns over needing to save money instead of buying art do to the coronavirus situation. This is an extremely precarious situation to be in so any help or advice is greatly appreciated!


Good afternoon,
I’m a freelance production manager and company manager based in New York City. My work is severely suffering because of the Coronavirus outbreak and I’m not sure when income will resume again.

I’ve been working as a producing assistant at Wagner Johnson Productions on Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf, West Side Story, and To Kill A Mockingbird, and have been independently producing a piece called “A Boy’s Room” that is having to be suspended. All of my work has come to a stop without any paid leave and I’m not quite sure how I’m going to make my rent or other payments over the next few months.

Am I eligible to apply for your emergency artists grant?

Thank you for your consideration


To whom it may concern,

I was wondering if I could apply for financial emergency relief due to the Coronavirus? I currently live in Jackson Heights, Queens and have experienced a blow to income and performance opportunities. I would use the funds for rent and food to get me through the rest of the month.

Best Regards


Hi there,
I found your email address and information on your website in regards to financial support. As I’m sure you know, these times are incredibly trying on a freelance career in live performance and work in general. I’m a NYC based dancer, researcher, educator, and just returned home for what was intended to be 3 months of sporadic work, but now all is cancelled and/or unknown. I’m looking for any bit of information on emergency funding during this time, as I’m sure many artists are struggling with.

Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing from you.


Hey Yvonne,
Thank you for taking time in your busy day amidst your closing for your new home.  I’m in the process of contacting a few of the organizations you mentioned.
The actors fund has a long wait list just to get back to applicants but I’m staying faithful. Howl is closed because of the CV situation but I’m hoping I can talk to someone.
Even though I know you’re quite inundated with requests I still wanted to send you an email so you had my information on file just in case you were able to make a miracle happen. ; )
I’d be happy to send you more information on what I do at your request and I wish you the best on your new home.

Thank you kindly