Each year we award a grant of $500 for teen to attend a summer program in the arts. The student is usually recommended by the school or the arts program in various art disciplines. The grant is awarded to a student who needs the funding to attend.

Artwork for one of our teen grant Recipients Erin Doherty

Hello Yvonne! I’ve started my second week at NYSSSA visual arts, and I decided that now would be a good time to give you an update of my experience so far. My morning class is printmaking. Even though I have done print making before, it’s nice to be taught by someone who had never met me before and is more than an intern at the Women’s Studio Workshop. It’s a really great class and the teacher and the people in my class are super cool. My afternoon class is sculpture, which is nice because I don’t do any sculpture so I’m eager to learn how to do 3d work and make it into art. That teacher is also super cool. What I like most so far though is that we have faculty lectures on Tuesdays and art history lectures on Wednesday. Today we took a trip to the Albright-Knox Art Museum which was incredible since I had never been there before. I am a bit homesick, but it’s okay because this really is an incredible experience for me, both socially and artistically. Thank you so much for the scholarship so I could come here! Here are some photos I took of what I’ve done in print making so far.